Mark Hansen, Head Butcher & Owner

Mark Hansen was born and raised in Raleigh and he was born with a passion for cooking and food. His culinary journey began at a young age and has continued to grow. He has worked in the culinary industry since he was 14.

 Mark is a natural butcher and a trained craft butcher. He graduated from the Fleishers Butchery Training program in New York in 2014. The Fleishers Butchery Training program is among the best in the nation for revitalizing the art and craft of whole animal butchery.

Since coming back from New York to his home in North Carolina, Mark has been dedicated to opening a butcher shop in his hometown of Raleigh. He has worked towards this goal for years, knowing that one day he was going to practice his old world butchering skills with sustainable practices and modern-day ideals. He loves what he does and loves to share his passion.