Join head butcher, Mark Hansen in a night of fun 'seam cutting' all cuts located in the area known as the "CHUCK". We'll put the whole primal piece on the table as we simultaneously butcher and discuss every steak and roast, where it comes from on the animal and how to properly prepare it. We will also discuss the importance of knowing where your food comes from and how Southern Craft Butchers sources to provide the highest quality, ethically raised and sustainable sourced meat to all Raleigh and surrounding area residents. All our meat has been raised outdoors on pasture, by small farmers right here in NC. Each quest will receive a complimentary burger and side made by Southern Craft Butchers and two beverages from The Crafty Beer Shop. Class space is limited so reserve your spot by calling us or emailing us today! The class fee is $80 and due when you sign up, it can be paid by cash or credit card.